Saturday, 13 October 2018

Elephant Two: More about a former mistress.

When I was young, drinking piss was just for fun.
Those days are gone.
For me anyway.

I remember as a young fella, born in 1964 and growing up and coming of age in the seventies, being surrounded by alcohol pretty much all the time.
My dad drank every day and Friday and Saturday nights were the nights he drank even more.
Sundays were often 'elevenses' either at our house or someone else's, where driving to and from was standard.
My mum also drank, this was normal life and as a kid, there was no reason to think that any of this was anything other than that. Normal.

As kids, were allowed a 'sip' from the ole mans beer. We'd take the permitted sip, then take a few more more when nobody was looking.
Normal life.

I remember the first time I ever got a wee bit drunk, I would have been about eleven or twelve and I was staying at a friends place who's dad also lived this 'normal' life and the usual permitted sips took place.
I remember waking up in the middle of the night crashed out on my mates bedroom floor, my mouth as dry as desert and my head pounding like someone was inside it trying to get out by using a sledge hammer.

I never connected that feeling with alcohol until a few years later.

My first experience of being completely annihilated was when I was about 15.
A concoction of all the different spirits a mates dad had, mixed up into one bottle. A clever as fuck plan because his ole man would never notice a bit missing from each bottle - and he never did.
I have only a few sketchy memories of that night.
One is of bumbling along local street with two mates holding me upright, the mate who's ole mans booze we hoisted was already coma'd out -  under a hedge apparently.
Another is of arriving home where both Ma and Pa were there, ironically drinking while giving me the lecture of all lectures which was pointless bu they did anyway. I never heard it. Or at least didn't remember it.
Another is of waking up in the dead of night swimming in a bed full of my own vomit.
I could have died that night, clearly it wasn't my time.
That hangover lasted for days.
Lesson, not even.

Throughout my life there are many more stories like these I could tell but I won't.

Alcohol is still societies acceptable drug, I believe because it's legal and will never not be legal.
It's the only legal way you can get completely off your face.
It's also the drug that causes the most harm both in society and in homes.

If you are at least eighteen years old and have enough money, you can legally purchase enough alcohol to kill many people.

In these modern times, alcohol can be purchased in multiple specialist stores, supermarkets, four square stores and other 'convenience' stores.
I'd hazard a bet that most people living in urban New Zealand could walk somewhere in a matter of minutes and purchase alcohol.

I'm not anti alcohol, I've made the choice to stop using it because it was no good for me personally.

What I struggle with is all the judgemental hypocrites who look down upon users of other drugs while they're knocking back the piss.

If you judge all the users of other drugs while knocking back the piss, you are basically conditioned by what society has told you is acceptable.

You've been brainwashed.

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