Friday, 5 October 2018

Elephant One: Up the garden path - An uneducated opinion.

I'm no political expert, would never claim to be.
In fact the term 'expert' isn't a term I'd use to describe myself full stop.

But I'm not stupid, I'm not blind and I'm not deaf.

A year ago after the 2017 general election, under the MMP system one man held all the cards.
He toyed with the system until he revealed his big decision to align himself with The Labour Party with some assistance from The Green Party to form the coalition government we now have.
This was always going to be how it went, the fact that a matter of what seems like minutes after his 'decision' he was taking The National Party to court for something I can't even be bothered remembering what was.

The government we now have and each party individually stood before us all during their respective campaigns and delivered promise after promise, pretty standard stuff in the build up to an election.
I recall a certain female Labour MP saying she had no aspirations to become the leader and certainly didn't want to be Prime Minister, this article from June last year - a few months out from the election confirms this.

A mere two months later she is announced as the new leader of The Labour Party, arguably a master stroke from the Labour spin doctors as half the nation forgot the bullshit and fell in love.

A year on and from the possibly misinformed and definitely uneducated viewpoint from where I see things, this is what I see.

Impossible to achieve promises of the building of 100,000 affordable homes which aren't even affordable to many and to qualify people have to enter a ballot.

Educators of children becoming so disillusioned they feel that going on strike is the only option they have in a bid to be heard.

Fuel prices reaching record highs with no relief in the form of reductions on the tax consumers pay on every litre.

Electricity prices so high that our elderly and low income earners simply cannot afford it.

A massive inquiry into mental health and addiction services for which it has now been revealed in a couple of things I've read recently that the government is making no real commitment to implement all or even any of the findings the inquiry comes up with.

Just to be clear, I'm not saying a different government would change any of this, it probably wouldn't.
But for me, I'm just not buying into it.
I really do think though, that the current leadership of this country is on the edge of having to suddenly stop trying to be everyones friend.

Personally, I feel like someone is trying to lead me up the garden path to nowhere and I'm not coming.

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