Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Solutions, not problems.

The human being is a highly complex and extremely complicated animal.
Arguably, the most intelligent life form on planet earth, although it seems we are the only beings with such complex societal and emotional wants and needs it often makes us our own worst enemy.
We live in a world largely created by ourselves, or at least by our ancestors, often at the expense of other species and indeed other human beings with whom we share this planet.

Unlike most other earthly life forms, we seem to have this constant need to better each other in every facet of our existence.
The world often seems to revolve around competing against each other in everything, with most of the basis for this competition being money.

Human beings have largely lost touch with what's important.
We've become a disjointed species hell bent on being the best at everything, competing against each other, often not thinking or caring about the people we brush aside in our quest for the top spot.
This is evident everywhere we look.
Everyone wants to be the best - has to be the best at everything.

Everything seems to be motivated by ego, power and greed.
Professional sports people are being paid obscene amounts of money to effectively play games that actually have zero importance to anything at all other than being a form of entertainment.
Singers/musicians with little or no real talent - or message to convey - are being paid obscene amounts of money for nothing at all.
High flying corporate executives are being paid obscene amounts of money while their customers and often their own employees struggle to provide for their families.
When massive corporates collapse under the weight of excessive greed, it's never the greedy people at the top of the tree who suffer, they walk away with millions of hidden dollars while the people who need it the most are left to wallow in the mud.

Modern society is fraught with all sorts of distractions greedy human beings have created for themselves in order to make life easier. For themselves.
The chance of easy money and an easy life is attractive to most human beings, nobody ever goes out in search of 'the hard way'.
Hard graft seems to be a thing of the past with the back breaking labour intensive jobs that have built the world we live in now considered to be beneath most people and only fit for minimum wage earners who are then exploited by those reaping all the rewards.
Machines and technology now do much of the work people used to do. This of course means things get done faster, cheaper and more profitably for those at the top while those at the bottom flounder.

I'm neither highly educated, nor qualified in anything at all other than my trade so all I have are opinions based on discussions I've had with other people and my own observations. 
When we delve into the mysteries of mental illnesses like depression, it's little wonder that people are often pushed to desperate lows where they just can't see a way forward.
Illnesses of the mind don't appear to discriminate between wealth or poverty, success or failure -perceived or real, ethnicity or gender.
I have no doubt that illnesses of the mind exist, just like illnesses of every other human body part exist. I do however, have serious doubts as to the existence of genuine illness of the mind in many instances given the widespread, seemingly wholesale diagnosing of said illnesses.
I do believe that pharmaceutical companies and many medical professionals profit from what has become a massive industry and will go to extremes such as discrediting other peoples views in an effort to protect their income streams.
I also believe that far too many diagnoses of 'depression' are made when the 'patient' is really only experiencing a difficult period in their life and would probably benefit much more from the learning of some skills or perhaps the removal of themselves from certain environments.

When a human being decides for whatever reason that they cannot remain on planet Earth any more and chooses suicide, it can send people on a quest for answers, as it did me when my younger brother chose to die.
What I've learned along the way has educated me far beyond what any qualification could have.
I've taken a holistic approach to my learning, trying to take in as much as possible from every side of every situation in order to have a broadform understanding of what leads people to suicide.
I don't study text books, but I do look at offerings from as many different directions as I can.
I believe I've formed a reasonably sound knowledge base, albeit an unofficial knowledge base devoid of any certificate in a fancy frame to back it up.

As things are, and yes, I have been guilty of this myself at times, rather than looking for solutions to the high suicide rates, most of the 'work' being done seems to be in the area of trying to discredit what other people are doing in order to implement change.
That needs to change, we need to change.
I need to change.
Everyone working in the arena of mental health and suicide prevention has their place, with most of them doing what they do for no personal reward, but simply out of the want to help other people.
That said, I do believe there are some unscrupulous operators with personal agendas, but thankfully those are few and eventually they will be found out.

There is no question as to the need for a massive shift in thinking throughout society.
It could be argued that insanely restrictive health and safety legislation and the teaching of parents to be perhaps a little too protective of their children could be creating less than resilient teenagers and young adults.
We all want our children to be safe and well, but they must also be allowed to grow and learn. Sometimes skinned knees, stubbed toes and setbacks are valuable lessons.
Often, the best lessons in life are the ones we get when things don't quite go according to plan.

I believe that the way forward is with the seeking of solutions, rather than the constant allocation of blame for perceived failings and therefore the creation of more problems.
What works for one person, won't work for someone else.
A holistic approach in which we all take a little of this, a little of that and build ourselves a collection of tools that can help firstly ourselves and can then be offered on to anyone else who might need them.
It's not about winning or losing, anyone in this arena who is genuine wants the best for everyone.

We're all learning and must continue to do so.
We should all be allowed a voice, even if we are not received well by everyone, but we should be as careful as we can in our presentation or with our choice of words so that we don't cause unnecessary offence or disrespect to anyone else with the same goals but different views on how to achieve them.
I learn every day and hopefully the choices I make are better because of it.

The future of humanity depends on the choices we all make today.
Choose wisely.

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